Comprehensive Document Legalisation and Notary Public Services Pretoria, South-Africa. Apostille, Authentications, Embassy Attestations.

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We provide a fast apostille, authentication and embassy attestation service to assist you in legalising your South African documents for use overseas. The Apostille Certificate is normally requested by foreign authorities and organisations in order for the document to be used for official purposes outside of South Africa. The process is also referred to as document legalisation, document authentication or document attestation. Depending on the type of document and the destination country where the document will be used the document legalisation process and time frames may differ vastly.

The process can be complicated and time consuming. Incorrectly preparing your documents or using the wrong process may cause your documents to be rejected in the destination country, which will cause you to start the process over an may cost you that employment opportunity or international deal. Document Legalisation are best left to the experts. This will save you time and ensure that your document are legalised correctly and will be accepted in the destination country.

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