Members of the public cannot easily apply for the verifications of their academic certificates directly Umalusi, but should instead do so through an agency. We can assist you with this.

  • Academic certificates issued before 1992, in which case you will need to go to the Departments of Basic or Higher Education (part of the DHET).
  • If the results have not yet been certified, the requestor will be referred to the Departments of Basic or Higher Education and Training for verification purposes as Umalusi can only verify those records which have been certified.
  • Educational qualifications obtained through higher educational institutions and training facilities need to be verified by SAQA first. You will have to submit the original certificate along with copies to the Department, as the relevant section will stamp and sign a true copy of the certificate and issue an original covering letter confirming that the educational institution is a recognised institution in South Africa.
  • If the institution you studied with is not registered with the Departments of Basic or Higher Education and Training, you will have to get your academic certificates verified using the route of the Public Notary / Registrar of the High Court. This is the case for most TEFL or teaching qualifications, for those going overseas to teach English abroad.
Once DIRCO has received your academic certificate and the letter or verification from Umalusi, it can then be apostilled or authenticated.  
Getting an academic qualification certified or apostilled is a great deal of effort and often a long waiting period, through many attendances. We have legalised and verified thousands of documents. Save yourself the stress and frustration. Rather use the services of professionals.