When you’re offered a job teaching English abroad, you may be asked to legalise your TEFL certificate. “Legalisation” is a way of proving to foreign governments and employers that your official documents are genuine.

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Step 1: Get your documents Notarised
Before you can get your TEFL certificate legalised, you need a notary public to notarise it. There are notaries all over the world, so search for “notary public + your local town” to find one close to you. The notary will advise you on which documents are required to certify your qualification.

We have a walk in notary public and document legalisation service where you can drop of your TEFL certificate to be notarised and legalised.

Step 2: Legalise your TEFL certificate
We will attend the High Court, DIRCO and Foreign Embassy in South Africa on your behalf to verify and legalise your TEFL certificate to be presented in a foreign country where you are applying for employment.

 It usually takes 3 - 4 weeks to process your documents.  – so you should receive your legalised TEFL certificate back within a couple of weeks. Various certificates and stamps would be added to the document. Check our images page in this regard.

Step 4: Use your legalised TEFL certificate
The apostille certificate means that your TEFL certificate will be accepted as a legal document in any country or state that has signed up for an international agreement known as Convention 12 of the Hague Conference.

If you want to work in a country that isn’t a signatory of this agreement, they will usually request that you firstly get the apostille and then take your documents to the relevant embassy for further authentication. Always make sure you check visa requirements in advance.

Other Documents. Wait there is more?
Remember that simultaneously with the above process you will also be required to supply further legalised documents: Notarised passport copy SAPS Police Clearance Certificate Health certificates Academic qualification certificates such as degrees or diplomas.

Although you can do the process yourself be aware that getting the process wrong may be costly. It will also take considerable time and multiple attendances. Rather let the experts facilitate the process on your behalf.

Discounted Attestation Service for TEFL PACK Customers
Legalising TEFL bundle of documents
We are pleased to offer exclusive, discounted rates for legalising documents for TEFL customers.

 We aim to make the process of document attestation as simple as possible. Simply get a no obligation quotation online, once you have accepted the quotation send or drop off your documents to us and we will ensure they are correctly legalised.

This refers to the 3 documents needed to be legalised to be able to teach English overseas. (Degree or Diploma, Police Clearance and TEFL Certificate)

Get no obligation quotation to legalise TEFL pack of documents

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