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Diploma Certificate Attestation imageDiploma Certificate Attestation image
Diploma Certificate Attestation

Diploma Certificate Attestation (Legalisation) is an essential procedure for your employment/work visa in foreign countries not subscribing to the Hague Apostille Convention.

Only attested certificates are accepted to issue your employment visa for especially middle eastern countries such as the UAE, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, or Kuwait.

In this diploma attestation procedure, your diploma will first be authenticated by SAQA; whereafter it will be submitted to DIRCO for an Authentication certificate. Finally, your degree will be forwarded to the relevant embassy of your destination in Pretoria for attestation.

The diploma will be authenticated and stamped various times during this process document. The embassy will apply stamps applied to your degree certificate. Most embassies charge a fee for this service, which fee we pay on your behalf, and this amount is added to your invoice.

Our diploma attestation service is fast and efficient. We can arrange to collect your documents and return them anywhere worldwide.

Diplomas must be verified by SAQA Verification Letter before they can be Apostilled or Authenticated by DIRCO. Private individuals can apply on their own for a SAQA verification letter. Because of the complicated and time-consuming nature of the process, we strongly suggest that SAQA verification and Document Legalisation best be done by Document Legalisation Experts. You can contact us at Tel 0870010733 or get a no-obligation quotation to legalise your academic qualifications.


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