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Qatar Embassy Attestation of South African documents
Attesting documents for use in Qatar with our service simplifies the legalisation process. We provide a fully inclusive document service to ensure that your documents are quickly legalised and returned to you.

Qatar requests that all documents issued in South Africa are legalised by means of authentication, which entails notarisation, High Court, Dirco and Embassy attendances. Correctly preparing and submitting documents avoids delays. We assist many people travelling to Qatar for employment. If you are trying to obtain a visa for a job in Qatar, then you will need to get documents fully attested. This is normally proof of your qualifications and in some circumstances criminal record background checks and birth certificates. You should always seek clarification from Qatar on which documents you need to be legalised.
Companies also find our service invaluable as we can submit South African business documents for full Qatari attestation.
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