Get your South African Drivers Licence Authentiacted

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South Africans may need to provide their driver's license confirmation letters for various reasons, such as when converting their South African license to an international driver's license. These certificates are issued by the Road Traffic Management Corporation (RTMC) after verifying that the applicant has a valid South African driver's license through the National Traffic Information System. The certificate serves as proof of a valid license and enables individuals to convert their license in their country of residence.

Importance of Driver's License Confirmation Letters
Driver's license verification certificates are necessary when converting a South African license into a foreign driver's license. Renting a car abroad may also be difficult as the South African driver's license card only indicates the issue date, not when the driver first qualified. Therefore, it is advisable to obtain a confirmation letter from the RTMC before travelling overseas, especially if planning to hire a vehicle. In some countries, South African driver's licenses may not be accepted, and an international driver's license from the Automobile Association may be required along with a verification certificate.

Applying for Driver's License Confirmation Letters
Obtaining a verification certificate can be complicated, and the waiting times can be significant. Applicants must request a confirmation or verification certificate from the RTMC. The RTMC will investigate and print a copy of the license required along with a verification certificate indicating the date the license was first issued. As of 2022, a Driver's License Confirmation Letter Application Form is now required.

Function of Driver's License Confirmation Certificate
The certificate confirms that the person holds a South African driver's license and provides details such as the type of license, where it was issued when it was earned, expiry date, restrictions, and driving license code.

Important Aspects of South African Driver's License
A South African driver's license does not expire, but the license card expires every five years. However, in some countries like Spain, converting a South African license is not possible. Obtaining a driver's license verification letter from South Africa is necessary to add years of driving experience to a new license card abroad, which can be beneficial for obtaining insurance or renting a vehicle.

Timeline for Obtaining Driver's License Confirmation Letters
Applying for Driver's License Confirmation Letters without assistance can take anywhere from two to six weeks. can help you obtain the verification certificate within two to three weeks.