Company document legalisation made simple. Apostille, Authentications, Embassy Attestations, Document Legalisation & Notary Public Services for Company Documents in Pretoria

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Company Documents issued by CIPC are often legalised for use outside the borders of South-Africa. This is done by either the Apostille, Authentication or Embassy Attestation Document Legalisation process. There is a range of documents issued by the CIPC registrar of companies that we legalise on a regular basis.

Company documents are usually required when Companies are looking to set up international branches, conduct business in another country or open company bank accounts overseas.

Starting the legalisation of Company documents is simple. We can also assist in downloading or replacement documents for you.

The most common types of company documents we legalise with the apostille certificate are -
  • Incorporation Documents - Including the Certificate of Incorporation, Memorandum and Articles
  • Annual Return
  • Appointment of a Director
  • Change of a Director’s
  • Termination of Appointment of a Director 
  • Company Accounts Company Change of Name Documents
  • Resolutions
  • Share Certificates and Shareholding Changes
Please ascertain from the destination country precisely what documents are required. Some embassies ask substantial amounts for embassy legalisation of the business documents. or this reason it is important to only legalise the essential needed documents. When you are clear which documents need the apostille start the process by completing our No Obligation Online Quotation and Order Form. We will get right back to you with a cost quotation and the estimated time frame to completion.

The legalisation of the company documentation will be different depending on the destination country where the documents will be used. If the destination country is not an member of the Hague Apostille Convention the documents will have to be legalised by means of the Document Authentication Process and probably Embassy Attestation at the Embassy of the destination Country in Pretoria. See our informative articles regarding Apostille Certificate Services and Embassy Attestation Services.

It is essential that your company documents are legalised correctly. Our expert and professional service ensures your documents are checked, certified by a Notary Public when required and issued using the correct document legalisation process. For guidance and advice on obtaining an apostille for your documents do not hesitate to contact one of our legalisation office experts.