Get a SAPS Police Clearance for South Africa & Legalise the Clearance for use in any country of the world. We can assist even if you are overseas. We can also assist with legalising academic qualifications and obtaining other end user certificates. Tel: 0736869078

GET Police Clearance Certificate South-Africa within 5 -7 working days imageGET Police Clearance Certificate South-Africa within 5 -7 working days image
We can assist you in obtaining an urgent Police Clearance Certificate from the SAPS Criminal Record Centre within 5 -7 working days and, if necessary, legalise the Police Clearance Certificate for international use through Apostille, Authentication or Embassy Legalisation (the process used is dependent on the destination country where the Police Clearance Certificate will be used)

To ensure you get a good service, we ask that you read this document thoroughly and follow the process stated below.

How to get started with obtaining your Police Clearance Certificate

Complete our online quotation and order form. We will give a no-obligation quote with currently estimated time frames and detailed information on how to proceed. As part of the process, you will be required to:

a) Obtain a complete set of original fingerprints from your local police station on the SAPS official fingerprint form. If you are overseas, you can have the form completed at your nearest police station. If you are outside the country, you may apply at any police station or the South African Embassy. 

b) Make a copy of your ID or Passport 
c) Make a copy of your marriage certificate, if a married female, to have your maiden name included on the SAPS Clearance Certificate in compliance with international legislation.

Courier or hand deliver the complete set of documents to:
Louwrens Koen Attorneys
Office4, Second Floor, Northern Pavilion, Gate 12
Loftus Versveld
416 Kirkness Street, Pretoria, 0007
Tel: 0870010733
For Attention: Zune Naude


POSTNET OPTION - You can also send the document via Postnet to:
POSTNET Loftus Park
Attention: Zune Naude, Louwrens Koen Attorneys.

Once we receive it, we will immediately apply for you and pick up the completed SAPS Police Clearance Certificate.

SAPS Clearance Certificates usually are finalised within 2 -3 months of submitting your application to the Criminal Record Centre if not expedited.

For further information or assistance, please contact:
Zune Naude, Louwrens Koen Attorneys
Office 4, Second Floor, Northern Pavilion, Loftus Versveld, 416 Kirkness Street, Pretoria.
Tel 0736869078

Get SAPS Police Clearance quotation with estimated time frames and detailed information on how to get started. No obligation quotation. We will only proceed once instructed from you as our client

Get SAPS Police Clearance Information Pack

Get detailed information and forms on how to acquire SAPS Police Clearance Certificate and if necessary, how to get it legalised for use in any country in the world. Get informative brochure with all the relevant forms attached.


We can Assist with Police Clearance Certificates Legalised for use in any Country in the world.


We can help you with facilitating South African Police Clearance Certificates at SAPS, if that's okay with you. Whether you are in South Africa or living abroad, we will be able to assist you. We are committed to taking on all the admin and stress on your behalf. We want you to know that we aim to get your Police Clearance Certificate within 5 - 7 working days on an urgent basis. 

All you have to do is get in touch with us with the following: 

  • A duly completed SAPS 91(a) fingerprint application form
  • A certified copy of the applicant’s ID / Passport
  • Should a maiden surname and other surnames be required on the requested Police Clearance Certificate, this will need to be mentioned in the application and proof of the maiden surname and other surnames will need to be provided and attached to the PCC application. (e.g. a certified copy of the marriage certificate). 

Send us the documents via courier. Once we have received your payment and all your required documents, we will proceed to submit the applications at the Criminal Records Center (CRC) in Pretoria, where we will ensure that your application gets registered and processed accordingly. 

As soon as your application has been completed, we will: 

Email you a scanned copy of your Police Clearance Certificate for you to see if all the details on the document are correct.
 Courier the original document to you via DHL (International) or Courier Guy (SA. 





Must be completed in full.

A Record of any South-African criminal record that a person might have or more importantly for future employers, a record that a person does not have a criminal record.

What is a south african SAPS Police Clearance Certificate? Why do I need one?   image
A SAPS Police Clearance is a certificate that is issued after a fingerprints and background check has been conducted pertaining to an individual to disclose any criminal records that a person might have ore more importantly for future employers a certificate stating that a person does not have any criminal record.

If, however, the person does have a criminal record, the certificate will state that such records are displayed on the second page of the document. Even if the person has a record, the document is still valid, legal and can be used in applications requiring it. The authority (e.g. a country’s government/consulate) viewing the police clearance certificate will decide if it has any relevancy for them pertaining to the application for a visa or overseas employment.

A police clearance (South Africa) is available to anyone, whether they have been in the country or not. It simply is a database check, by using names, other details and especially fingerprints, to see whether these details correlate with anyone on the South African criminal records database. Therefore, anyone, from any country, with any details, can apply for and obtain a South African police clearance.

The SAPS Criminal Record Centre (CRC), located in Pretoria, is where South Africans (and any other nationality as well) get their clearance certificates processed. Louwrens Koen Attorneys deals directly with the SAPS Criminal Record Centre. It is possible to apply for a South African police clearance from abroad.