AS EASY AS 1 – 2 – 3 - 4!. If you have any questions about our process do not hesitate to phone us at 0870010733


Contacts US or Get No Obligation Quotation

Step 1 – Contact us! Getting started with us is easy. Phone us at 0870010733, or fill out our Online Online Quotation Form. Our friendly staff will: Explain the document legalisation process to you. Get the details about the documents you need processed Answer any questions you have Explain your processing options Provide you with a detailed quote


Step 2 – Document Preparation - We assist in preparing your documents

We assist you in preparing your documents for processing, which may include notarisation, translation, certified true copies, and embassy requirements such as cover letters. Our expertise ensures you avoid the common document preparation mistakes that can easily cause substantial delays.


Step 3 – You ship or drop off your docs to our Pretoria Office office

As soon as your documents arrive at our Pretoria office, we verify that they are in order, and immediately launch document processing on your behalf. You have various way to get your documents to us: Postnet to Postnet Loftus Park : Mark for Attention Louwrens Koen Attorneys (Located 50 meters from our office entrance. Pop in, discuss and drop off your documents at our office. Ample safe & free parking. Local Courier. We prefer Courier guy. International Courier. On request we can even arrange pickup of your documents.


Relax as we do the rest!

We handle all aspects of the document legalisation (apostille, authentication and embassy attestation) process for you. On completion we will rapidly return your legalised processed documents. We’ll keep you updated throughout the process, providing you peace of mind and certainty.